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Breathe. It’s only a bad day, not a bad life.

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Why is dropping a class so difficult. I had to go through an advisor (who didn’t really know what to do), then the department head, about to head to the dean, and then I saw another advisor/department head of academic programs. Like WHAT? CAN’T I JUST SAY I WANT TO DROP A CLASS AND DO IT? No wonder I never dropped a class after the add/drop period. BECAUSE IT’S FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE.

aaaand i’m sick again. WHICH UNDERGRAD MADE ME SICK? >:(

that one person who doesn’t do any work or answers emails at the last minute… REALLY? WHY ARE YOU GIVING ME ATTITUDE? JUST FOR THAT, I WON’T ANSWER YOUR EMAIL.

okay fine. i will. she got lucky. i was about to ask the professor where she’s been. UGH. I HATE THIS SO MUCH. T_T

answering questions for class makes me realize how useless this is and how much busy work we received as undergraduates. i’m so over this. T_T

i feel like the majority of my time is spent reading and replying to emails. all. day. every. effing. day. UGH. aaaand that’s how i fall behind on my homework. HAHAHAHA. THIS SUCKS.

So what’s worse than being in a group to do group projects? Being in a group with undergraduates. OH MY GODDDDDDDDD. INCOMPETENCE EVERYWHERE.

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